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Updated: 2008-03-12
Stable: 20080311
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OS: Linux

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Latest news

2008-03-12: Linux 2.6.24 support.

2007-12-02: Almost a year passed, time for some updates.. The latest package supports Linux kernel 2.6.22 and the new Bamboo tablets.

General Info

WacomProxy is a Linux kernel module that I had to make when I was having problem using my newly purchased Wacom tablet with my laptop. My main problems was that it was a requirement to have the tablet connected when X started, and hibernating the computer quite often resulted in a kernel oops.

The idea with the kernel module is to provide the X-server with a device that will always be available, no matter if the Wacom tablet is connected or not. That way the X-server is fooled to think the tablet is connected and that way it will never need to re-open the tablet device when it is disconnected/connected.

Many thanks to the LinuxWacom Project where I originally posted my ideas and attempts to get it working the first time. Parts of the code in the kernel module also comes from this project as I want to be able to easily update the support for new tablet models that can be used to define what model(s) the wacomproxy devices should emulate.

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