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Q: Why should I use this kernel module?
A: If you have any of the following problems it might be worthwile to use it:
  • You get Kernel Oops when you unplug/hibernate your computer.
  • You tend to forget to connect the tablet when starting your computer and need to restart the X-server to get it working properly every time.
  • You don't want to switch virtual terminal every time the tablet is reconnected to get it working properly with X.

Q: Will the X-server see any difference between the device provided by the wacomproxy and the normal eventX device?
A: No, the behavior of the two different devices should be identical with respect to tablet related information. If you have it working with the normal device, it is a simple matter of changing the 'Device' option in the X-configuration file for the Wacom-related InputDevices.

Q: How many tablets can the kernel module handle at the same time?
A: Only one if you don't define the tablet model, but want it to change the model to the one latest connected. Or up to four tablets (same or different models) if they are specified as kernel module parameter when the module is loaded.

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